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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hello Hairbrush! Ladies (and gents), I would like to introduce you to the mother of all hair brushes- the Mason Pearson. A month ago- I knew nothing of this brush, I didn't even know the brush I used actually made a difference in my hair. Then as I was leaving my hair salon, I saw the woman ahead of me in line pay over $100 for this item and I was blown away! Who would pay such a crazy amount of money for a Hair Brush ... Was this really happening?!?!
I was so taken aback that I immediately ran home and consulted  the internets (the only reliable source for reviews on such luxuries!) and read a ton of great reviews, followed by a sprinkle of people giving the "who in their right mind would spend over $100 on a hair brush" reviews. That was the day I decided I had to find out for myself if this brush was worth it.
As soon as I received my brush I immediately took it out of its super cute vintage looking box and began to brush my hair. I will admit, I was expecting it to immediately transform my hair to look more like a Victoria's Secret model's hair - however I quickly realized that a miracle worker it was not. As I kept brushing I had an aha! moment- I have not brushed my hair (like REALLY brushed my hair) in such a long time! Don't get me wrong- I comb my hair immediately after I get out of the shower( right after applying Moroccan Oil of course!) and then use a round brush  when blow drying - but I never just brush it when its dry at the end of the day. It was kind of nice actually- reminded me of being a kid and having my mom brush my hair. Very therapeutic and relaxing. Hello hair brushing...I've missed you and I didn't even realize! Where did you go?!
Ok ....I know what you are thinking...  "A $120 brush that brings you down memory lane is still not worth the money! What else is amazing?" - well let me tell you!
After 100 strokes (I have seen this in movies... women always talking about brushing 100 times... hey if its in movies it must be true :::sarcasm:::) and my hair was noticeably different. It was shinier, had more volume, and was definitely a different texture than before I brushed it.
This is what I understand of the science of what makes this brush over $100:
The Mason Pearson Hair Brush has magical powers that take your natural oils and evenly distribute them throughout the hair shaft. More oil getting distributed from scalp to tips = healthier, stronger, better looking hair! Magical powers don't come cheap. It also has this patented technology in the rubber dome part that holds the bristles- something about it making the bristles always touch your scalp as you brush - it is referred to as the Pneumatic Rubber Cushion. Sounds fancy. Oddly enough there is NO GOLD in this brush, although the price leads you to think there must be.
Still on the fence? Just keep in mind this brush is known for its longevity, it potentially could last you the rest of your life (if cared for properly). Even if you don't keep it forever- its still worth the money. If you apply my budget reasoning equation to this item (cost divided by times of use)  $120/365(days)  you end up paying roughly $0.33 per day- what a bargain!
As a Beauty Editor, I highly recommend this brush - and your hair will thank me (and you) for buying it.

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